stuck - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. All Free. Stuck (TV series) Stuck is a British situation comedy television series, created and written by Dylan Moran, and co-starring Moran and Morgana Robinson. Listen to Stuck on Spotify. Artist · K monthly listeners. Adjective edit · Unable to move. Can you shift this gate? I think it's stuck. · Unable to progress with a task. I'm totally stuck on this question in the test. Stuck. Chicago, Illinois. [email protected] booking: [email protected] (US) [email protected] (EU/UK).

stuck · be stuck on something or someone (Slang) be infatuated with, be obsessed with, be keen on, be enthusiastic about, be mad about, be wild about (informal). Book overview. Delightful chaos ensues when a young boy gets his kite stuck up a tree in this laugh-out-loud new picture book from award-winning. British Dictionary definitions for stuck · to perform (a task) with determination · to attack (a person) verbally or physically. See more. /gɛt stək/ · get stuckgot stuckgetting stuckgets stuckgotten stuck · the "get stuck" family. stuck meaning, definition, what is stuck: the past tense and past participle of st: Learn more. On this page you'll find 34 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to stuck, such as: cemented, fast, and fastened. From. An original pop musical film about six strangers who get stuck on a New York City subway together and change each others lives in unexpected ways. stuck · (transitive) to pierce or stab with or as if with something pointed · to thrust or push (a sharp or pointed object) or (of a sharp or pointed object) to. As Margaret M. Chin reveals in this important new book, many Asian Americans get stuck on the corporate ladder, never reaching the top. In Stuck, Chin shows. stuck. It all began when Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree The trouble really began when he threw a shoe up to knock the kite loose, and that got stuck. Principal Translations. Inglés, Español. stuck adj, (unable to move), atascado adj. atorado adj. We had to get a farmer to come with his tractor and help us.

Freak Frequency by Stuck, released 1. The Punisher 2. Lose Your Cool 3. Time Out 4. Planet Money 5. Freak Frequency 6. Fools Idol 7. unable to move from a particular position or place, or unable to change a situation: This door seems to be stuck. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ʞɔnʇs ( stuck - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. All Free. Stuck is a delightful little pattern book that kids will love. While the premise is whimsical, as each item thrown into the tree to knock down the others that. Stuck Definition Stick. Simple past tense and past participle of stick. Wiktionary. Synonyms: Antonyms: Trapped and unable to move. Sue tried to squeeze. STUCK meaning: 1: difficult or impossible to move from a position sometimes used figuratively; 2: in a place or situation that is difficult or impossible. Stuck ( film) Stuck is a black comedy thriller film directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea, with a plot inspired by the. stuck · ​unable to move or to be moved · ​in an unpleasant situation or place that you cannot escape from · ​stuck (on something) unable to answer or understand.

1unable to move or to be moved The wheels were stuck in the mud. · 2in an unpleasant situation or place that you cannot escape from We were stuck in traffic for. Stuck describes something that's frozen or fixed in one place and can't be moved. If your foot gets stuck in the mud, it means you can't get your foot out. SB Projects along with longtime clients Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber release “Stuck with U” to benefit First Responders Children's. Synonyms for STUCK in English: fastened, fast, fixed, joined, glued, cemented, trapped, caught, ensnared, burdened, . Stuck as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Mark Sanderlin, Elizabeth Hess, Oliver Wyman, Farah Bala, Rita Wolf, Caroline Grogan, Cynthia Darlow.

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